What if everything you thought about music wasn't true? What if some of the music that you love the most was written by someone you didn't even know? What if you found out the people behind some of the best music over the last 40 years didn't do it for fame or fortune but for another reason; a dedication to and true love for good music.

Now what if you found out these people were still working, still rocking, still making music possibly right down the street? And their friends drop by.

"the Joint" is an ordinary dive bar

on an unfashionable corner of los angeles

What draws these absolute legends of rock ‘n roll? The opportunity to sit in with some of the world’s greatest session musicians and touring sidemen playing some of the best live rock ‘n’ roll in the country.

This film tells of the rise of these six rock journeymen, how they discovered music, how it changed their lives, the indelible contributions they’ve made to rock history, and the phenomenon of Monday nights at "The Joint".

Using all the characters involved including the very musicians who were propelled to legendary fame and fortune. They Could Be Heroes will tell stories never told, show footage never seen, and play some of the best music you've ever heard. It will pay tribute, long overdue, to these unsung heroes in the entertainment industry.

pay tribute, long overdue, to these unsung heroes of the music industry

be a part music history

let the men behind the music speak

Enjoy the website. Take a close look at the people behind the camera as well as in front. Look at the photos collected over the years and, if possible, come visit “The Joint” before the secret is out. There you will know beyond a shadow of a doubt there’s a magic in the air there. Like the main characters in the film you can say:

I was there when it all started

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